RAK5205 integration to myDevices(Cayenne) no LPP?

I am using a RAK5205 with firmware RUI_RAK5205_V3.0.0.3.H. On RAK serial console I get reasonable values for latitude, longitude, altitude, humidity, temperature, pressure and battery voltage. When I integrate the application to myDevices (Cayenne) I get very wrong values for all sensors there. Seems the data transferred from TTN to Cayenne are not in the required LPP mode.
On Cayenne I tried devices (1) RAK Wireless RAK811 LoRa and (2) RAK Wireless WisNode. My RAK5205 can not be selected.
What can I do?

(Assuming the s/w version hasnt changed anything from earlier wrt payload) in cayenne choose > LoRa > The Things Network > Cayenne LPP as device, not a specific module/end product, if I recal. If integration set up correctly in TTN application then you should see data arriving once Dev Eui set up in Cayenne, which will be in correct category, though e.g. analog for battery voltage level may perhaps be changed (settings > title) to e.g. Battery or Voltage. Also I find std reporting to 2 DP likely inaccurate and unrealistic so I reduce to 1 or 0 DP to reduce dashboard text clutter/real estate. To change from an end device to LPP you may have to delete from dashboard 1st, but likely then have to wait for minutes/hours for Cayenne back end to flush the DEV EUI as you may get ‘conflict’ when re-registering…

Thank you Jeff-UK. It is working now selecting Cayenne LPP as device.