RAK612 + MatchX + TTN + Cayenne

Having some troubles getting data from a RAK612 all the way to Cayenne, hoping to get some advice having looked and not found an exact solution to copy and some conflicting info.

First the RAK612 is labelled “RAK_LB801” but everything I have found for the RAK612 has worked well so I’m inclined to say they are equivalent. I have data from the RAK making it’s way into TTN console. It is currently transmitting ‘key1’ ‘key2’ etc in ASCII.

Received in TTN it is shown as hex data. I’ve added the application and the integration, which is the first question - some sources say the “Process ID” is just a random character string and others say it is a copy of the latter part of the Cayenne html string. I’ve tried both. I’ve picked the Cayenne LPP payload format.

In Cayenne I’ve added the DevEUI of the RAK and made sure to pick TTN and Cayenne LPP. In reading I see it is expecting a formatted string of say 1 for digital 0/1 for on/off then another 1 for digital (sw2) and 0/1 for on/off. Who is doing the translation from “key1” that the RAK sends throught to 1101 that Cayenne expects - as best I can see neither party knows the device is RAK612 unless it is derived automatically from the DevEUI.

Anyone suggest where I am going wrong? Interestingly the MatchX has now stopped working but has been up all day otherwise - I don’t think that is related.