RAK7249 and Hologram

Has anybody ever set up the RAK to use the Hologram GSM SIM? If not, what are you guys using? I am US based looking to gather data.

The backstory here is that I am in the USAF and want to setup a gateway for LoRaWan to cover the base initially and start exploring the various use cases. Where my lab is I don’t have an ethernet line to handle the backhaul so I am thing the GSM way will make this easy.

Also to start I will be using TTN to try and gain an understanding of how uplinks and downlinks work. Is there a benefit switching to LoRaServer?

My use cases could include but are not limited to equipment tracking, trap status (entomology shop), environmental readings (US Fish and Wildlife), etc…

I would love to hear your inputs.


hmm… a usaf lab without internet.

anyway… why did you choose HOLOGRAM in the first place and why not a 3g/4g operator.
HOLOGRAM is ‘invented’ to extend the life of 2g networks… So sooner than later they will disappear when contracts end.


Yeah. We have AF network connectivity but commercial network is a no go.

I was not aware Hologram wasn’t 3/4g solution. Just looking for a good source to get this thing some network.


Hi Callen5914,

I’m ex-military, telecommunications specialist, we set up LoRawan gateways with 3G/4G backhaul using Global IoT SIMs that operate in 110 countries.
I could send you a SIM for you to trial. Are you state side?



ok… when they started its was only 2G … didn’t know they offer 3g/4g now

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We did not choose Hologram for that reason.

We provide GLOBAL IoT SIMs for many different networks, 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M, NB-IoT, Cat1, NB-IoT.

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