RAK7249 connects to TTN server

Hello everyone, the gateway I use is RAK7249. I have been unable to connect to the TTN server. I am very distressed. Please help me solve it. Thank you very much!


Your message comes down to:
My car does not move. Help.

It would help if you provide more information, has the car been started, do you have a gear selected and did you release the clutch. Are the wheels halfway embedded in mud?

In LoRaWAN terms:

  • What is you setup. RAK7249 (DIY assembled yourself?) mounted inside/outside?
  • Are you using ethernet or 4G connectivity?
  • Where are you located? And which region in TTN did you select?
  • What are the settings you changed on the gaeway?
  • Can you find any debug/log information on the gateway?

Thank you very much for your answer. From your analogy, my car is not activated, and I don’t know how to start.

  1. My product is an outdoor gateway, not a DIY gateway, but an enterprise-class IP67 gateway. I made a lot of settings with reference to the manual, but still did not connect to the TTN server, and then initialized it.
  2. I am currently using Ethernet.
  3. I set up China, China 470-510MHz.
  4. I have changed the settings of the gateway, but I have already initialized the device.
  5. I did not see any print data from the gateway.
    Thanks again for your answer, and please continue to help me solve this TTN server problem.

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