Rasberry PI - HAT Conecction failed in TTN V3 SD card Image

Greetings, I need some help…

I´m trying to set up a Gateway (RAK2247) in TTN V3 on a raspberry pi-HAT with an SD card image, (2019-07-31-iot-lora-gateway-lite) but it does not make the connection. I guess I have to modify the image and set up the frequency for america, but I don’t understand how to do so.

I also find differences between the Gateway key, the TTN V3 console admits the key of 16 digits that its phisically on the RAK2247 gateway EUI, but the IoT Gateway Management requires a key with 101 digits .

I need some suggestions, can I modify the SD image or should I find another way to integrate the Gateway to TTN V3 instead?

Suggests old version and pre dates transition from TTN V2 to V3 - can you link actual s/w used - the contributors can check if on right path or what you need to do.