Raspberrypi+ ic880a gateway

(Vignesh Varan) #1

I am trying to configure raspberry pi 3 with ic880a gateway...but it asks for git hub user name and password....I created an account in git hub and entered the necessary details...but i cant proceed after that....Authentication failed is appearing....pls help me with this issue.

(Remko) #2

Likely your problem is taht you have not "identified" your device to github:
I managed it this way:

Generate SSH key at your device (RPI)

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C youreEmailAddress@github
Presse Enter to accept default location
Press Enter twice to set pass phrase to none.

Print new SSH key to screen

$ cat ls .ssh/id_rsa.pub

Select and copy the printed SSH key to github at: https://github.com/settings/keys

Now your device is accepted by github.

I hope it helps.

(Vignesh Varan) #3

Thanks for ur help sir.....but Its asking for a usernamr and password..after entering the correct username and password it is asking for command line....if i give exit also...it again asks for the username and password

(Remko) #4

after a plain installation of wheezy username is pi en password is raspberry.