Recommended Gateway Alternatives to the Things Gateway - €300 - €900

(Richjdavies) #65

So now that the TTN gateway is here. Can someone tell me which particular aspects one should look at to determine which gateway to buy? – I expect to hear why the TTN gateway is definitely the best thing under €300…
(asking as we have one sentrus and looking for sponsoring more gateways in the region and so want to buy the right thing!)

(Reinier van der Lee) #66

Hi sslupsky, how is your Laird gateway working after a few month of operation? I am thinking of using a couple for a project in California. Best, Reinier


What do you mean by that?

(Jimrm) #68

Vinduino, I put a Laird Sentrius on an 80’ tower last summer. It has been through a half dozen power outages and it has always rebooted and started working on it’s own. It just works.

(Reinier van der Lee) #69

Thanks jimrm, appreciate the feedback. I talked to the Laird guys at the Things Conference. Indeed looked easy to setup and manage. Just ordered one.


Presumably, this was an ‘indoors’ setup?
We’ve got half a dozen or so Laird gateways for various poc’s but they don’t seem particularly sturdy for a permanent deployment.
Not terribly impressed by the quality of the build.

(Jimrm) #71

Shiv, if your response was to my post, the Laird is in a NEMA 4 (ip67) enclosure on the tower. Painted it white to help keep the heat down in the summer.


@jimrm Ah right! Do you have some pictures?
Laird have released the ip67 variant @ ~ 3x the price.

Also, are you using the aerial that came with the gateway?

(Jimrm) #73

Shiv, I don’t have any pictures of the box, but it is about 12" x 12" x 8" and made of steel Hoffman brand. Am using the stock antenna on about 12" of coax. As soon as the weather warms up some I plan to make a new vertical dipole. I now have a VNA to tune with. So far my farthest node is about 1/2 mile away. By using a Laird Gateway and your own purchased box an outdoor Gateway can be made much cheaper than an off the shelf setup.

(Nestor Ayuso) #74

small review of the $150 Tektelic Pico here:


hard-coded in opendns as a resolver ( and starts looking up and

(Radek Vozák) #76

@jimrm @shiv maybe you can take a look for our outdoor GW LORATECH. We have a reduction board with proper stabilization on power input. I post some pictures here:

We have 25 GW in Pilsen - instaled outdoor - biuldings, smokestacks etc (5-50m POE) - working over 1 year without problem.


(Reinier van der Lee) #77
  • @shiv Received the Laird today. The setup using WiFi did not work, even after pressing the button, I could not see the SSID. Used Ethernet to get access to the gateway. Have you seen that at any of your Laird gateways?
    Finally LoRa setup went fine, and I was able to connect to WiFi. I like the two WiFi antennas, making placement in areas with weak WiFi coverage less critical.


@Vinduino Ah, I’ve only accessed the gateways using Ethernet and set up the WiFi. The gateway is pretty good easy to set up.

@brody They look pretty good! do you know where to buy them? and how much they cost?

(Reinier van der Lee) #79

Quick questions: I updated the RG191 to Laird Linux gatwick-laird-
This basically sets the system back to factory defaults.

  1. Before the update, it only supported TTN legacy, after update I have a choice between legacy (Semtech packet forwarder) and TTN. Is there a preference for using TNN It would mean I have to delete the old Semtech gateway registration and register anew in the TTN console.

  2. The system console now gives me a cryptic error message.

“WiFi Quick Config SoftAP password is still the default. It should be changed! Change Password”

Not sure why I need the Quick Config SoftAP, but problem is that you cannot change the PW without knowing the old password. Default console password do not work. Could not find this in the online documentation.

(Radek Vozák) #80

@shiv here is link or send me an email . The “main” focus is for possibility to install it outdoor - IP65 and with POE with overvoltage protection. Also you can use 12-48V power source - all our instalations have 24V/1A adapter (included) or are powered from central POE panel with other routerboards and UBNT units.

(Jac Kersing) #81

That was why the AP configuration did not work, device had old firmware that didn’t (yet) support the AP mode.

Yes as it is an authenticated protocol. Anyone can spoof your gateway when you are using the Semtech protocol.

The password is in the manual. I had to search for it as well… (chapter 3.1.2, bullet 3)

password that is the same as the SSID.

(Reinier van der Lee) #82

Thanks for your answer. Using the TTN protocol makes sense because of the authentication and robustness vs Semtech UDP. It is a confusing choice as TTN stopped development and recommends using the “legacy” Semtech variant. I reconfigured and the gw is running fine.

(John Hunt) #83

I finally ordered the Lite Gateway from IMST because it is RED/CE certified. A self made solution with RAK831 + RPi is not certified. I think that is not a problem for us, but…


’ intended for use for ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT, DEMONSTRATION OR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY and is not considered by IMST GmbH to be finished end - product fit for general consumer use. ’