Recommends for a commercial LoRaWAN Weather Station product?

(DCH Project) #1

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone had experience with a commercial LoRaWAN Weather Station products?

I am also considering other Weather stations that have WiFi and upload data to a Cloud Data platform with an HTTP API to extract the data.

Real aim: affordable building comfort monitoring, The “technology”, isn’t so important but the data resolution is, so the cheaper the sensors the more sensors we can put into a building for greater data analysis to try and save energy.


(Cslorabox) #2

“Weather station” tends to mean outdoor or dual indoor/outdoor systems.

What do you need to measure? There are lot of ways to put a temperature/humidity sensor and a LoRa radio on an MCU.

If you buy an off-the-shelf product, consider if it will run their software with configuration for your need (and over TTN?) or if you will need to write your own software for it, either with their aid/documentation or by reverse engineering their hardware without their assistance.

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My end game is Temperature / Humidity [ optional: CO2 | Lux ]
The Lora / Non-LoRa decision comes down to sensor cost, I have trialled 4 LoRa T+H+* Sensors so far, the cheapest is of poor quality, and they others are expensive (250 AUD+) (The project has limited R&D funding so in-house development is out) the cheaper the commercial COTS sensor the more data points I can add to a project (for our data analytics group) on a fixed budget.

(Toulon7559) #4

For meteo-configuration combined with LoRa the configuration range is very wide.

The minimal meteo-configuration would be a LoRa-EndDevice with a ‘cheap’ sensor like DHT22 for Temp&Hum: some homework for ‘glueing’ the hardware and software.
Considerable improvement of quality if you upgrade to a T/H-sensor like SHT31, or further expanding (including baro-readout) to a sensor BME280: these latter 2 sensors have an I2C-interface.

For LoRa you could go for a more or less ‘ready’ package like the Sensebox, described at =
The required homework is described in their manuals.
That package has capability included for many optional sensors, incl. Light and Dust.

A maximum/luxury configuration for a LoRa-PWS would be something like described at , but that seems far exceeding your stated functional requirements.

If at the lower end of the range you are aiming at ‘dirt-cheap’, then go for a configuration consiting of multiple ESP8266+DHT22+ESPEasy (feeding to a WiFi-Network) in combination with Raspberry&Domoticz for the centralized handling in that Network.
Not commercial, but based on DIY, with plenty of examples available and with very active User-Forums.