Reconfiguring / factory resetting 'Turnkey' Sensors

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Beginner help required :grinning:! I’ve purchased a few different packs of sensors from “turnkey” solutions providers such as MyDevices as part of an R&D project.

I’ve also built/setup my own TTN gateway (ie using a Raspberry Pi - not from MyDevices).

  1. I’m guessing that the various MyDevices sensors get pre-joined OTAA to a private MyDevices Network Server. Is that correct? (I assume this as I can connect those devices and see them in a Cayenne MyDevices dashboard just by knowing their dev euid)

  2. So now I want to reconfigure these devices to connect directly to my ThingsNetwork application, via my own built TTN gateway. Is that even possible?

I only have the DevEUID for these sensors and as far as I can tell logging into Cayenne / MyDevices allows me to add and remove devices from my MyDevices application but NOT the MyDevices Network Server.

Any help and advise greatly appreciated!

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Are the above dumb questions? If so kindly enlighten me.


maybe you tell us first what ’ a few different packs of sensors ’ are ?

enlighten us :sunglasses:

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Sure thing!

Well I have one of these for example:

Tabs Motion Sensor

I also have one of these in the pack:

Netvox Wireless Water Sensor

@BoRRoZ would you agree with my question1 assumption that all of these devices have been pre-joined to the MyDevices Network Server before being sent out to me/customers?

Many thanks


  • The movement detector

’ The device shall enter installation mode after being commanded by the network and remain in installation mode until commanded by the network. ’

  • The watersensor

’ Availablethird-partyplatform:Actility/ThingPark,TTN,MyDevices/Cayenne ’

My impression is that they are (real turnkey) indeed preprogrammed for a specific network and without help of the manufacturer not easy to reconfigure for use on TTN.

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Thank you @BoRRoZ. That’s frustrating learn but I appreciate the reply.