Recover deleted device AppKey?

Hi, is there any way to recover a recently deleted appkey? The device is located 300 km from my office and before travelling to it to run a new OTAA, I’d like to ask if there is a simpler solution.

The device has been operating fine for 3 months, when it (and all other devices in the same application) last week suddenly lost connection to NodeRED. During debugging, I tried to move the device to another still working application. I copied the Device EUI, but alas not the appkey. When I didn’t receive data to the new application, I made the assumption that I can’t have the same device running in two applications simultaneously. Hence, I deleted the device in the original application and the appkey with it. Stupid yes, but is there any way to fix this?

Later I found that a reboot of the server running NodeRED fixed the problem I had experienced.

I’m afraid not :roll_eyes: