Register gateway and device, need help

(Maxmaiz) #1


I actually use the STM32L072 board and a Nemeus Gateway.

I succeeded to send data to my gateway with AT command or peridodically. To capture my packet, I used socket test.

My gateway can be configured with an Jar application.

In the data server information, I set up the ip address of my server which will receive the packet redirected by the gateway.

I want to use TTN server. I tried to register my gateway and device but without success.
I never seen my gateway as "connected".

Once the information of my gateway filled on ttn, what should I do?
Where should I put the gateway key?

I begin with TTN registration and I'm a little bit lost.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


(Hylke Visser) #2

Based on the data I see in your screenshot, this doesn't look like a compatible gateway.. Do you have some more documentation about it?

(Maxmaiz) #3

Yes I have the documentation of the gateway
NemeusGateway_v1.2.pdf (1.5 MB)

(Hylke Visser) #4

Thanks, I read the document.

The protocol this gateway uses (described in chapter 5) is similar to the Semtech UDP (packet forwarder) protocol that we support, but it looks like your settings make that it sends some alternative messages instead of the messages that we expect.

I guess that changing the "Rx packet mode" to "Remote" might fix this, but I recommend you to contact the manufacturer to be sure.

(Maxmaiz) #5

Ok, thanks you for your help, I will contact the company Nemeus to have more information.
Have a good day!

(Hsan Bouazizi) #6


I don't have module lora RN2483 but i use modtronix in Air9(connection spi). when i use Deviceinfo programme, i didn't have its parametres.
Can I use modtonix in Air9? if i can, tell me how can i get its eui?

(Litris) #7

Hi maxmaiz,

Have you make any progress registering the Nemeus gateway at TTN. We have bought one, and we have the same issue.

We arrange to receive packets sent from the nodes in a PC, using several socket listeners and parsing scripts. It works with the packet forwarder mode and also the with the LoraWAN server embedded in the gateway.

But we were not able to connect the gateway to any Cloud backend (Loriot, TTN, IoT Sense Platform, ...). Did you succeed with any?

Thanks in advance,

(Litris) #9

Nemeus gateway working fine with OTAA. Uplink and Downlink messages OK.
Only Class A, due to TTN limitations. When will TTN work with Class C nodes?
It always wait to receive a packet from the node until it sends the pending frames to the node.

The gateway needs a fw update so as to full fit UDP packet forwarder protocol.
Nice support from Nemeus guys.

(Obdostage) #10

Hi litris! :slight_smile:

I just read your posts at the moment.

How do you connect the Nemeus Gateway to the TTN? Is there any update?

Thanks in advance!


(Litris) #12

Hi Max,

you need a firmware update of the gateway, so as to fullfit the 32 bit tmst parameter spec. of Semtech's packet forwarder. Contact Nemeus support to get this update.