Retrieving lost Application/Sensor

Dear Forum

I tried to activate 2 dragino sensors on my TTN community edition application. I have done this before and rushed through it. Unfortunately I choose the wrong frequency plan, so that the nodes never activated on my application.
Annoyed, because i also used the wrong Email adress for my account i wanted to start fresh. Instead of deleting the end devices from the application I deleted my whole account, because i also wasnt able to change the email adress in the settings. I did not know that the applications aren’t deleted but archived.

Now i am not able to register the Sensors on my new account with the correct email adress because they are already registerd on the other application. I can somehow not retrieve my old account and its application so i also can not delete them from the there.

I am wondering if the archived applications are deleted after a certain period of time.
Or is there an easy way to change the EUI’s of my sensors. How would i do that or can mybe dragino help me with that?
How can i contact a support team to retrieve my old account?

I am kind of lost and i dont now where i can get help with my case.

Thank you for your answers.

P.S. Reseting my Sensornodes doesnt work, since they are registered but NOT activated on the application yet. ( I chose the wrong Frequency plan.)

Post to the #support channel on the things slack…