RFM95 vs RFM69 (Comparasion table)

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Good day all,

I actually have 4 nodes and all of them use RFM95.
I undersand that RFM95 can NOT communicate with RFM69.

I am planning to build my own node and as I need several of them, I though to use RFM69 module.

If I am correct, RFM69 and 95 can send data to the same gateway, that correct and RFM95 is more “powerfull” than 69.

But which diference I will be able to observe between RFM95 and 69?
Does it will affect the distance?
Does 69 can be as far as the 95 from the gateways?
In whcih can would recommand me to use a 95 instead of a 69?
Do you know a comparaison table about both products (and more)?

Many thanks

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I found some info here http://smart-idea.io/iot-faq/
It seem that the Range if RFM69 us smaller.
I red from a page than RFM69 has a range of 350m. From anothe page, it state a range of 500m.
Some has experience and could have a anode more than 3km from the gateway?



The RFM69 spec are here: http://www.hoperf.com/upload/rf/RFM69W-V1.3.pdf

And this chip cannot do Lora modulation. Only (G)FSK, (G)MSK and OOK. It cannot speak with TTN gateway.

Sorry :slight_smile:

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A comparison table between RFM69 and RFM95 does not make a lot of sense really, one is a LoRa device (RFM95) and the other is not, so they are not compatible RF wise or code wise.

I did do some comparisons between a FSK device (RFM22) and a LoRa device and in approximate terms the LoRa device covers 10 times the distance, when used at the same data rate as an FSK device.

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Than a lot for your reply. It help and it’s important to learn it!
But now I wonder, for which application can be user RFM69?

Then If I understand, RFM69 can be use to communicate only between each node. For exemple, I can have 4 RFM69 sender a one RFM69 receiver. Can a RFM69 be coupled with a RFM95 to be send to TTN?
Or the RFM69 should be connected with a GSM module or a Raspberry to send the data to a remote server?

Thank a lot and have a nice week-end



RFM95 can do (G)FSK, (G)MSK and OOK, like RFM69. So, RFM95 can communicate with RFM69 using these modulations.

Only RFM95 can reach TTN gateway with Lora modulations.

If you want to use another network (like GSM), you have to use another module to do the data connection. But you will not be using TTN.

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Hi Pierrot,

I don’t see why not… you might have a small RFM69 network, let’s say, all sending very fast and low-power messages to a local RFM69 gateway. Now instead of the RFM69 gateway being connected to the Internet, it can be connected to a LoRaWAN Device, which will forward the messages to a LoRaWAN Gateway.

About RFM69 and RFM95 communicating to each other, as mentioned both support FSK and OOK. In terms of signal modulation they should “see” each other, but it’s important to note that those radios implement a simplified “frame format” with pre-ample, CRC and other fields, that’s probably the part which needs to be compatible for both radios to communicate.

If your idea is to forward messages from RFM69 devices to a LoRaWAN gateway, probably using a hardware with both radios would be easier than trying things to save a few $ in hardware. That’s a typical example for a Home Alarm, where you don’t need every single window sensor to be LoRaWAN, but have one or two LoRaWAN Clients working as gateway for a very low-power RF network.

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In theorie they could … But you’re limited by the Radiohead or RF24 libraries for interfacing …