RHF76-052AM - disabling channels/frequencies

(Agusakovs) #1

My problem right now is that I need to send information to gateway using only a specified set of channels on Seeeduino LoRaWAN device. Currently in my code I did the following:

lora.setDataRate(DR0, US915);
lora.setChannel(0, 903.9);
lora.setChannel(1, 904.1);
lora.setChannel(2, 904.3);
lora.setChannel(3, 904.5);
lora.setChannel(4, 904.7);
lora.setChannel(5, 904.9);
lora.setChannel(6, 905.1);
lora.setChannel(7, 905.3);

for (int j = 7; j < 17; j++)
lora.setChannel(j, 0);

, where I disable every other channel I don't need, but for some reason device continues to use other (disabled) channels too, sending packets on 906.1 etc. frequencies. It is odd since in LoRaWAN.h library code it is stated that:

void setChannel(unsigned char channel, float frequency);
* \brief Set the channel parameter
* \param [in] channel The channel number, range from 0 to 15
* \param [in] frequency The frequency value. Set frequecy zero to disable one channel
* \param [in] dataRata The date rate of channel
* \return Return null.

When device does send the information using the proper frequencies I do receive it on the gateway, but because it continues to use frequencies that gateway is not set up for, I lose a lot of information.
Has anyone tried to do something similar, or has any clues how to make it work?