RN2483 - downlink not working

I have:
RN2483 (ABP, firmware 1.0.5, EU868) + atmega328p

Code: https://github.com/TheThingsNetwork/arduino-device-lib/blob/master/examples/Receive/Receive.ino

Uplinks works, but dowlink not. Why?

What have you done that should cause a downlink? What have you done to confirm one is actually transmitted?

Additionally the sketch you are using which sends a pointless packet every 10 seconds is rather abusive of TTN and cannot really be recommended.

Like all class-A LoRaWAN networks, TTN is an uplink-mostly network, downlink should be quire rare. What is your purpose in using downlinks?

I send message form TTN console as downlink but i dont see message in serial monitor from arduino.

Yes, this sketch is not ideal. It is only for testing.

I design device, wich i will use as check point in orienteering race. I need to setup actual time once per device (to RTC)

You could put a serial lead on to the RN2483 and command it directly to see what happens when a downlink comes in.

While that is possible it may be trickier than you think as you need to be sure of when the downlink will be sent, which is more complex than it looks at first glance since downlinks are only sent in response to uplinks.

You may want to consider if you can do the timing on the network side by looking at the timestamps of uplink packets instead.

This is clear, but I wonder why even in “home” conditions the device does not want to receive downling.

What spreading factor is your message being send at? (The TTN console for the gateway should list that)