Rn2483 downlink

(Geppoleppo) #1

i am using RN2483 with 800 LoRa kits (R) Technology Evaluation Kit.
I have connect the class A node in OTAA modality.
I will light a led with a GPIO port on end device.
If i launch from pc the command: "sys set pindig GPIO9 1", the LED lights up.
if I put on TTN server the command in hexadecimal format does not work.
How can I do it with downlink message enqueued?
It is possible?

(Arjan) #2

You should not send commands, but send some value and interpret that after receiving it on the node. Like you would send 0 or 1 and in your code pass that value to GPIO9.

For the TTN library this is described at https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/devices/uno/quick-start.html#message-your-device

(Geppoleppo) #3



Good afternoon,

is there a general problem right now on TTN with downlink ?
Whatever I try, whether manual downlink in console or with mqtt, no data is sent back from the backend to my nodes. The console states only scheduled after forcing a downlink.
Yesterday it worked fine, although only with a manual downlink on the TTN console, not when using mqtt to send a message from the TTN server to the nodes.

Is anyone experiencing the same downlink problems right now, or is it just me ?