RN2483 serial communication problems


Hi everyone,

I’m currently building my first node, i’m using a Arduino + RN2483.

I’m having problems with the serial communication between the RN and the arduino. I’m just trying out the “device test” example from the TTN arduino library… The wiring is based on the example in here:

I also tried it with a NodeMCU running Arduino - to get something that was 3.3 v instead of the arduino’s 5 v.
Sidenote: in the arduino i changed Serial1 to Softwareserial

and on the nodeMCU i tried to use the 2 different UART’s but i’m not sure i configured it correctly.

When i run the sketch on either platform my Serial port looks like this (on both platforms):

Device Information

Data Rate: 
RX Delay 1: 
RX Delay 2: 

Use the EUI to register the device for OTAA

So it seems that i’m not getting any values back from the RN2483.
Has anyone else encountered this - and what could my actions be going forward?


The code looks something like this:

#include <TheThingsNetwork.h>

#define debugSerial Serial
#define loraSerial Serial1

TheThingsNetwork ttn;

void setup()


  ttn.init(loraSerial, debugSerial);

void loop()
  debugSerial.println("Device Information");
  debugSerial.println("Use the EUI to register the device for OTAA");


Hi Brein,

I wired up an Arduino and had similar (lack of) response. For me it was just the wrong serial port and so I just changed the “#define loraSerial Serial1” line until I found the setting that worked.

Do you have a scope or any way to see that you’re connected to the pins of RN2483? For example, if you wired it yourself have you checked the Rx & Tx are connected the right way around?
(also note that the RN2483 doesn’t need RTC/CTS connections)

Good luck


I just saw the same behaviour, what I did was to unplug my custom made arduino + rn2903, plug it back and start serial monitor.


I didn’t watch the TTN librarie code to see what it does exactly, but on mine side I have to reset the RN2483 with it’s reset pin (pull it LOW for hundred of milliseconds). Without this, I cannot send or receive anything.