Ronoth LoStik MAC commands incorrect

Hello guys!

I am working with LoStick from Ronoth, which has a RN2483 module on it.
I did some tests with MAC commands and I am a bit confused. Some of the values I read out are not correct or at least do not match with my expectations.

  1. radio get snr
    From the command I get values of 6 and 7 for the last received packet. But on the gateway I have values around 8 or 9. Is this maybe just an error of measurment?
  2. radio get rxbw
    Corresponding to this command I receive packets always with a bandwidth of 25 kHz. But on the gateway I see uplinks and downlinks with 125 kHz
  3. radio get rssi
    Does not work at all invalid_param
  4. mac get gwnb
    I know around are several gateways, which I could reach, but LoStik tells me, that there are 0 receiving LinkCheckReq. Can I simulate such a message with TTN?

The guide with the commands can be found here:

Did someone experienced the same issues?

Thanks for your help