Rural Aussie in need HELP

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Hey everyone my name’s brandon I live in Australia in a rural area so I’m the only gateway for 50km. I have a Dragino LG01-p as my gateway and a Dragino shield for my Arduino uno I need a little help… I have managed to get my gateway talking to TTN as a connected status however I cannot get my node to talk to the LG01-p. All I’m trying to do is get a simple message sent to my TTN account for the moment once I achieve that I plan to move foward and setup the node to send sensor data. I don’t know alot about radio but I believe the gateway or the node arnt talking on the same frequency not sure… thanks for taking the time to read situation. Cheers


what did you try ?
what node and code do you use ?
did you use search on this board ?

you need to supply much more information :roll_eyes:

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…and also come up with a much better title to summarize what help you need.

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