Saving device Advanced MAC settings seems buggy


I am attempting to connect a new device to TTNv3. TTNv3 device entry is not receiving data that is flowing through the gateway for it.

The only discrepency I can find in the configuration of this device compared to others is that the “RX2 Data Rate Index” and “RX2 Frequency” fields are populated for this device when they are not for my others. This is in: Device → General settings → “Network layer” → “Advanced MAC settings”.

When I try to empty the “RX2 Data Rate Index” and “RX2 Frequency” fields, I save, and they appear empty. I then exit and come back in to the device and they are populated again as though they were never cleared. They are clearly not being saved as empty.

How can I empty those two fields?

I have tried deleting the device and re-adding it, but deleting is obviously not actually deleting, as when the device is re-added a fresh, some attributes magically reappear from the previous incarnation, unfortunately including “RX2 Data Rate Index” and “RX2 Frequency”.


I might suggest using the CLI instead. I have found that the cli tends to overrule the options set on the Things Network V3 user interface.

CLI reference: Command-Line Interface | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

Using CLI has seemed to delete the device properly, thanks.


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