Securitry system

(Nemke) #1

I am new to Lora, so sorry if this is stupid question

My idea of using Lora is custom, I like to connect Alarm Security system to monitoring central using Lora.
So scenario is his, I put Lora GATEWAY made of Mikrotik for routring over LTE and PI3+ with RAK for gateway, and Alarm System Panel sends event over dealer on which is connected “lora bridge device” (forward CID or SIA events to LORA Gateway) and LoraGateway then forward this events to LoraWAN Server (exampe TTN).
NOW question is, how THIS DATA FROM SERVER CAN be FORWARTED to some public IP over some Port (exaple where is my Monitoring Recever which receves CID or SIA format message ?


No I’m sorry, this has nothing to do with the things network.