Send a packet to end-node from gateway directly


I would like to know how to send a packet/Ack directly from the gateway to the end-node,. How can I do?


you can’t


Thanks for the reply
so how can I do the same?
What is the alternate option for this?


if you don’t want to make use of the LoRaWAN network but want poin to point communication you can use LoRa.
There are also many commercial LoRa datamodems available (you have to check if use is allowed in your country)


okay, I will check
One more confusion I have that, Can we send any data from gateway to end-node using util_tx_test program?

(LoRaTracker) #6

The description for util_tx_test is;

“The network packet sender is a simple helper program used to send packets through the gateway-to-server downlink route.”

No mention of a gateway to node link.


That test program is available for packet forwarder.

here, I want to know about util_tx_test for LoRa gateway

The description for util_tx_test is;
This software is used to send test packets with a LoRa concentrator. The packets contain little information, on no protocol (ie. MAC address) information but can be used to assess the functionality of a gateway downlink using other gateways as receivers.

I tried to send using following command but nothing received at node side
./util_tx_test -f 471.3 -s 9 -r 1255 -i . (And default bw=125,preamble length = 8 , payload length = 16 cr=4/5 …)

(Jreiss) #8

Only valid LoRaWAN packets will be received by a LoRaWAN end-point.
A LoRaWAN network-server and valid session between end-device and network is required to create valid LoRaWAN packets.
The gateway does not have the session information required to create a valid LoRaWAN packet.

Using the uilt_tx_test program you would need to author a valid LoRaWAN packet manually.
Each packet sent would need an incremented FCnt and correct MIC to be accepted by the end-device.