Send Downlink with M2Mqtt using .NET

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Hi, I have been trying to send downlink messages to my Lora devices using .NET
It works fine via the TTN console but I am unable to send downlinks via my developed application

I am using M2MQTT - I can connect successfully to my application but the publish does not work.

I have tried those 2 methods

  • MQMTT.Publish(“App_ID/devices/Dev_ID/down” ==> as the Topic
  • MQMTT.Publish(“App_EUI/devices/Dev_EUI/down”

And the Data both in String and json format with the payload in Base 64.

I am only trying to send a value of hex 0 on port 1.

Any examples would be appreciated.

Any SDK for Visual Studio soon ?

(DCH Project) #2

I tried and tested the following repo for subscription updates, but it doesn’t have control capability implemented

(Keep me posted)

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