Sending "Start a community"-form maybe broken?

(Biermi) #1

i have last friday filled out the form for creating a local community on ttn and did not received any information about the status, i have expected that there is an e-mail which says “Hey thanks for starting a new community, we will contact you soon” or similar, but nothing happens, no e-mail, no information at all. In current days very unusual behavior.
Or is the form broken? Because i have seen on the web page the last registered community was end of october and now is december and between was nothing.

Kind regards


Hi Stefan,

what community did you want to get started ?

(Biermi) #3

this form here:

Kind regards


yes but you’ve sended… so for what city ?

(Biermi) #5

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

  • looking into it

(Laurens Slats) #7

Hi @biermi,
Good to hear you’re very eager to get started :slight_smile:
We’re a bit behind the community initiation follow-ups. We’ll try getting back to you next week!


(Biermi) #8

Great, thanks for your update.