Sensors/Gateway not working in different places

So I have a unusual problem. I have a Dragino LPS8 gateway and some LHT65 temperature and humidity sensors. This system is to be installed in my workplace yet I can’t connect the sensors in my workplace but everything works correctly and I get sensor readings without problems when I test it at home without even touching a single configuration.

Usually I don’t get any data from my sensors in my workplace, sometimes I see a “join request accepted” from the sensor and just a couple of times I have seen an actual reading, but most of the time I get absolutely nothing. The sensors don’t detect the gateway that are a merely 20m apart with some walls in between, also I have the only gateway in my region.

Lastly, when I see my gateway log I usually get from downstream a “PULL_DATA sent: 1 (0.00% acknowledged)” so if I’m interpreting this correctly the sensors are uploading data but the gateway isn’t receiving it or somehow it can’t upload it to TTN server .

What is wrong? RF Interference problem in my workplace? Am I missing something? Thanks for the Help.

How is gw connecting to TTN NS when in work environment vs home environment? Any firewall or network stability issues etc.?

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Well. I connect my gateway by ethernet port in both cases. My workplace does have some security measures and I don’t currently have administrator permissions. In my home I connect it directly to the modem and in my workplace to one of the ethernet ports that are found throughout the building.

Could a firewall be blocking the packets? How does that explain that the sensors don’t detect the gateway most of the time?

The sensors don’t detect the GW’s, they shout and a gw may hear, GW’s dont detect node they may hear one if in range and if commanded to by the NS they may shout a message for an intended node, but again gw has no knowledge of the node or it’s state…it is essentially a dumb media converter translating rf/radio messages to IP traffic to/from the internet & vice versa.

And yes likely as an enterprise your workplace may well be (almost certainly is if of any scale) running a firewall to the internet, possibly monitoring both network ingress and egress, implementing stateful packet inspection and port monitoring/blocking as appropriate. Out of the box it is likely your LPS 8 is running its packet forwarder over UDP, and most likely on port 1700. This might be constrained at workplace level or indeed some ISPs take it upon themselves to sensor the internet (or atleast try) and may choose to block p1700 traffic on their own network. Virgin Media here in the UK had a bad rap for doing that on parts of their network some while back so may be worth checking difference between your home network provision and that at work…buy the network/IT guys a beer and see if they can help bottom the problem :wink: