Share arduino library for LoRaWAN NOT LMIC with Class A and C

(Wero1414) #1

Recently i found this library that is an open library for LoRaWAN much easier than the LMIC, this library by now is only for EU868 and AS923 and it supports class A and C, but im from mexico so… i need the US915 version i started the porting to US915 right here this library is under testing and development so feel free to do a fork, pull request or testing!

(Parodi95) #2

Im using your library and I can send uplinks in class A/C but I cant send downlinks. In the gateway and the server if can see de downlinks but in the node I have nothing, what am I doing wrong? or what do I have to change?..

(Wero1414) #3

Hi im working right now on change the library to work on a diferent way cause the first way it was programmed didnt work