Show your Use Cases

Please let us know how you are going te use The Things Network. This way we can build The Things Network together and fulfill the needs we have.
Use this Category for showing your projects, your wishes and get in contact with the right people.
Please consider the following points:

  • Start the title with your location. Like “Amsterdam - HoosJeBootje”

  • Make a sort description

  • Use photos, videos or other media. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million.

  • No advertising of existing products.

  • And remember everything is possible.

Potential use cases:

Only if the system is not optimised for specific uses. The constraints of the model filter the apps, let’s not change the model to become something TTN is not, nor can ever be.

TTN is a lightweight core, that’s how you get the impartiality, hands off, application blindness that keeps it simple, cheap, easy and uncontested.

“this is why a heavy-duty core will always lose…by definition, it must offer services which are of interest to only a subset of its users and yet all users are impacted by them…” /mtr

Here is our testapplication:

enjoy .-)

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