Simulate uplink HTTP integration missing uplink_message nodes in payload

While getting payload data for uplinks through HTTP integration, normally, we’d get JSON payload as described nicely in:

Data Formats | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

“version_ids”: { // End device version information
“brand_id”: “the-things-products”, // Device brand
“model_id”: “the-things-uno”, // Device model
“hardware_version”: “1.0”, // Device hardware version
“firmware_version”: “quickstart”, // Device firmware version
“band_id”: “EU_863_870” // Supported band ID

(just to reiterate, this is being received as documented in non-simulated actual webhook invocations)

However, while trying to send a packet through Simulate uplink , this entire “version_ids” node seems to be missing from the JSON. Could someone else also validate and help fix this?