Single Channel Gateway part 3

(Arinze Izukanne) #64

How far from your nodes are each of the two gateways?

(Rodri16) #65

a couple of meters… I don’t think that is the reason, I already tried with three different nodes with ABP and OTAA activation


but it could be… at least 10 mtrs between gateway and node

also your RSSI value of -111 doesn’t look like you are close… try a different node/gw antenna

(Arinze Izukanne) #67

Exactly, that was my reason for asking. Can you confirm your nodes have good antennas and antenna connections?

Can you provide more information on the node you are using, specifically the LoRa module on them?

(Rodri16) #68

Sure, for the nodes I am using Ttgo LoRa boards, v1, v2 and Heltex v2.
For the single channel gateway Heltex v2.
The connection with RSSI=-111 is with a full gateway 2km away, nodes work well!

(Somsak) #69

This one is very useful for monitoring and testing.


(Somsak) #70

My Respberry Pi 3B is useful enough for programming my Single Channel gateway.

(arrowcircle) #71

I spent 3 hours trying to compile ESP-1ch-Gateway-v5 with TTGO ESP32 Lora v2, but ring no bells.
There are no instructions also for building for ESP32.

PS. Finally hacked libs and build the firmware.

PPS. What are safe settings for gateway and client both on TTGO Lora v2? CAD? HOP? Frequencies? SFs?
I got strange behaviour, my node cant register with otaa, and even worse, sometimes gw does not receive packet from the node. I reset the board, wait some time, if no packets are showed on the GW, I reset again, sometimes on node reset gw receive packet and show on OLED, sometimes not.

How can I debug this?


Hi All,
I’m running the 1Ch GW with Lua firmware today. I looking for a version in C/C++ which handle downlink. I’ve tested some versions without success. Can you advise?

Luis Viola

(Luiz H. Cassettari) #73

ESP-1ch-Gateway-v5.0 usually handle downlinks.
But if you are trying Plan Frequency 915 the code have a bug on the downlink.
The downlink Bandwidth needs to be 500k but the code uses the same 125k instead.
I fix this issue and submit a Pull Request.
Check my fork if you have interest.

See ya!


Great news, let me check it now.

(Rodri16) #75

Thank you, single channel GW working OK with this code on Heltec Lora32 v2 and TTGO Lora32 v2.0!! Best

No RX TTGO-BEAM with TTN Mapper
(Michael) #77

I’m building an PiZero Gateway with an adafruit RFM95 Breakout and I’m using the software from described above.
All is working well, despite of that the gateway Id I receive wenn start single_chan_pkt_fwd is 00:00:00:FF:FF:00:00:00 and I cannot register this at ttn as a gateway, because it’s already in use.


What can I do? Can I change the gateway id in my rfm95? Would be nice, if anyone could help.

Sorry, I’m a beginner and likely my question is one of those of beginners…



You have to change the network interface from “eth0” to (I guess) “wlan0” in your source and recompile.

(Michael) #79

Hey mvdswauw,
that it! Thank you very much! I didn’t know, that the gateway id has nothing to do with the rfm95.

Thanx again,

(Jhenins) #80

Hi folks!

I am new one at LoRa things.

I tried to make my own WeMos D1 mini single channel board from this tutorial: and I did it.

I am using this code:

I added my GW to console, but I get GUI when my GW was not connected to WiFi. If my GW is connected to WiFi then I have this in my serial monitor:
Packet RSSI: -157 RSSI: -105 SNR: 0 Length: 0 21:24:16.400 -> rxpk update: {"rxpk":[{"tmst":2309970632,"chan":0,"rfch":0,"freq":868.099975,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF7BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":0,"rssi":-157,"size":0,"data":""}]} 21:24:16.435 -> Packet RSSI: -157 RSSI: -106 SNR: 0 Length: 0 21:24:16.435 -> rxpk update: {"rxpk":[{"tmst":2343263632,"chan":0,"rfch":0,"freq":868.099975,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF7BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":0,"rssi":-157,"size":0,"data":""}]} 21:24:16.476 -> Packet RSSI: -157 RSSI: -105 SNR: 0 Length: 0 21:24:16.476 -> rxpk update: {"rxpk":[{"tmst":2358912632,"chan":0,"rfch":0,"freq":868.099975,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF7BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":0,"rssi":-157,"size":0,"data":""}]} 21:24:16.476 -> Packet RSSI: -157 RSSI: -104 SNR: 0 Length: 0 21:24:16.476 -> rxpk update: {"rxpk":[{"tmst":2379120632,"chan":0,"rfch":0,"freq":868.099975,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF7BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":0,"rssi":-157,"size":0,"data":""}]} 21:24:16.503 -> Received packet of size 4 From, port 1700, Contents: 0x01:46:29:01: 21:24:16.503 -> Packet RSSI: -157 RSSI: -104 SNR: 0 Length: 0
and over and over.

OLED Display info:
Time: time is runing
RSSI: -157 and not changed.
SNR:0 and not changed.
LEN:0 and not changed.

What can be the problem?

(Jhenins) #81

I solved my problem. I tried latest version on gitgub but again was an error with ip adress. Then I got a code from other user and all works perfectly.

(Mark18) #82

Hi, there’s a lot of useful information here already - so thanks for that!

Have an issue and wonder is someone else has had a similar experience and can offer some debugging tips / advise.

I’ve setup a 1ch gateway using the Heltec LoRa ESP32 dev board, version 2 ( and the 1ch gateway v5 code. So far I’ve tried two versions of the v5 gateway code - the things4u version, which seems the original and the best. And to check against my issues, the kersing version because it specifically mentioned the Heltec board.

I have 2 test nodes, which are BSFrance 32u4 II Lora boards ( I have tried these so far using just LoRa (works fine) and now LoRaWAN with TTN with both ABP and OTAA modes.

I found that ABP works fine with the gateway set to the same channel as the nodes (channel 0) and CAD (Channel Activity Detection) turned off. OTAA I’ve had much more trouble with.

My main issue seems to be that with CAD turned on, the 1ch gateway misses almost all of the messages on the same frequency. I’ve only successfully managed reproducible results with CAD on SF12, which is far from ideal.

Has anyone had similar experiences with CAD on the 1ch gateway - particularly with this Heltec V2 model? Did you manage to improve the sensitivity to recognise other SFs more reliably?

(arrowcircle) #83

Hi! I tried to run single channel gateway on my RPi Zero W from, but it looks like it does not support downstream messages (tx).

Does it mean that my downlink will not work? And nodes will never activate via OTAA?

(Ud Lo Ra) #84

Yes, in the Hallard docs downlinks are among the missing features. However, there is another version of the same software that supports them:

This is a dual channel version, but with a trick it can be used as single too:

(by the way, this could be added in the software list at the beginning of the thread)