Single Channel Gateway Status Message

(Ke6 Mto) #1

I have a single channel gateway that for the most part is working fine. When a packet is received the data is sent to my application without issue. What I have noticed is if I have my testing device off, so the gateway isn’t receiving packets, on the TTN website it will show the gateway offline.

I’m assuming the “STAT” packet that a gateway sends is supposed to show the gateway online? I can see the gateway sending the STAT packet but it looks like the TTN side isn’t accepting it. Is there anyway to check this?

Here is what it’s sending (changed personal info in the packet): {“stat”:{“time”:"",“lati”:12.12345,“long”:-123.12345,“alti”:76,“rxnb”:0,“rxok”:0,“rxfw”:0,“ackr”:0.0,“dwnb”:0,“txnb”:0,“pfrm”:“ESP32”,“mail”:“”,“desc”:“ESP Gateway”}}

Is it due to the time field being blank? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.