Single Channel Packet Forwarder part 2 [Deprecated]

So now it is time to figure out which is the problem, your node or your gateway. Either go with your node to a working gateway or get a working node near your gateway.

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It’s not as easy as it sounds. The coverage in my region is really bad and I have to drive a long way to find a gateway.

Now I can see data coming in at console of gateway. But if I switch to console of device I can’t see anything. And it looks like the node is always trying to join.

I don’t know the KISS LoRa, but the LMIC European implementation starts trying to join using SF7 on a random channel (one of the three join frequencies). From there on it tries the next channel. After the last channel (channel 2) it increases the SF and starts with the first channel again, until the last channel on SF12 is tried.

If your single channel gateway listens on channel 0 SF7 there is a chance of two in three that no join is atempted on your gateway.

So maybe it is better to configure your gateway to use channel 2 (the last join frequency) and SF7. No matter on what random channel the joining starts, it will hit your gateway’s frequency and SF…

P.S. this only makes sense if the KISS LoRa uses the same join strategy as LMIC…

What data are you seeing in the gateway console?

I can see these lines while watching terminal output of single_chan_pkt_fwd:

and these lines coming in in TTN console:

Does your single channel gateway even support downlinks? (OTAA needs downlinks.) TTN Console does not show your gateway was commanded to send a response; unless the Join Request is also received by other gateways and TTN tells another gateway to send the response, it should really show a Join Accept with a timestamp 5 seconds or 6 seconds after the request:

Not seeing the Join Accept being sent to the gateway could also mean TTN does not accept your request (like due to invalid keys or unknown device).

Also: it’s weird to see each Join Request twice in your screenshot. See Single message shown multiple times for different channels and RSI in rxpk of IC880a gateway log for which the problem was the antenna connector. You might also want to make sure there’s at least a few meters distance between your node and gateway.

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Do the appeui and deveui listed in the console match your application information?

Yes, appeui and deveui match.

Unfortunately I don’t know. It’s the single_chan_pkt_fwd (Dragino LoRa RPi hat on Raspberry Pi 3). How can I figure it out?

There are many things with names like that. If it’s then things are clear:

Please note this repository is deprecated, and the code is not up-to-date to use on The Things Network.


Not (yet) supported:

  • […]
  • downstream messages (tx)

Ah, I see. I followed the Wiki of Dragino and they described to install the single_chan_pkt_fwd of Thomas Telkamp.

Meanwhile I found another repo based on Telkamps code (Hallard) but it also seems not to support downstream messages, am I wrong?

Does anybody know a repo that I can use for my RPi with Dragino LoRa RPi/GPS hat?

Can’t you just register your node as ABP?

It will not solve the downlink issue

But if OTAA is the only “use case” for downlink then it is still quite helpful I guess :blush:

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Of course it’s possible to register the node as ABP. But it doesn’t work because the KISS LoRa gadget which I tried to get working doesn’t “speak” ABP.

Then maybe you are in the wrong topic here

OK, I’ve got the old version of KISS LoRa firmware and was able to change my settings to ABP. Now, the node is sending data to my single channel gateway and I can see it in gateway and application console. That means that my single channel gateway is working!

Thanks a lot to all who helped.

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Hello everyone,

I am new to this technology. I saw different posts in this forum where people build their own gateways (single-channel) using nodes, but no one with the node I have (Globalsat LM-110H1).

The question is whether someone has worked with this node as a gateway, or if it is possible to do so.

Thank you (I’m sorry if it’s a silly question).

I am asking this here since I actually can’t figure out how to create a topic (at this point I don’t think I can), so I apologise if it does not belong here. Please bear in mind that I am very much a beginner with LoRa.

Anyway, like others here, I am using a Dragino LoRa/GPS HAT to create a Node and Gateway. I am using a raspberry pi for both the gateway and node. I have been following this tutorial:

I have connected the gateway (the status says ‘connected’), but I can’t seem to get the node working correctly. I am typically getting these ‘error’ messages:

And for whatever reason as you can see, sometimes it will have ‘FAILURE’ and sometimes not.

I can see that ‘single_chan_pkt_fwd’ is now depreciated, so does that mean I should use something else? All I want to do is send dummy data from the node and see it on the console. I should also note that I am using the 915 mHz bandwidth.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that would be appreciated.
Thank you.