Smart city sensors

(Steve James) #17

Hi osbex. I agree, it can be a little bit chicken and egg.

We want to go to our ‘business units’ and show them potential as well as ask them what their main issues are.

We are piloting the Flood Network sensors and would be happy to discuss.

We’d be happy to invest/purchase solutions but could do with a balance between prototyping and solutions with some sort of track record.


(Osbex) #18

If you have something I could look at, please send PM with your mail and I’ll contact you.

(Osbex) #19

Steve, I didn’t get whether you’re a manufacturer or if you’re also looking for sensors. Please send a PM if you have something to offer and I will take a look at it.

(Osbex) #20

Do you have that one productified? :wink:

(Onehorse) #21

I am assuming you are asking about the VL53L0X?

There is no off-the-shelf product, but prototyping elements are all in place and if there were a need and the VL53L0X solved the bin-level problem this could be turned into a product in short order.

Please email me at if you want to discuss further.

(Steve James) #22

Hi osbex, we’re also looking for sensors.
Have you deployed any sensors at all yet? If so it would be good to get your feedback.


  • have deployed a couple of flood network sensors.
  • are in discussion with a company that have gully sensors.
  • are in discussion with another company to look at soil moisture sensors.
  • are piloting street light sensors.

Where are you based?

(Osbex) #23

Hi Steve,
Nothing deployed yet, but we will do it during the spring and I will share findings if someone is interested.



How about cheap automotive grade ultrasonic sensors? About 10$ each and pretty weather proof. Replacing the standard controller with a LoRa controller would do. These are the things I keep on being amazed that they don’t exist yet.


This is a nice one: a generic LoRa node in an outdoor casing

(Antony Fry) #26

Hi, Andrew, I am talking to a West London micro-brewery about how they can monitor different states in the brewing process. Essentially, the key changes in the brew don’t necessarily happen at convenient times and they don’t fancy spending the wee hours in the brewery so are looking at a remote monitoring from the chief brewer’s house. He has a line of sight so LoRa would be a good fit. They are a small outfit so cost is an issue.
Would you consider collaborating? I am going to the TTN conf, are you? If not could we meet-up afterwards in the UK. I should have enough info for MVP by the TTN conf.
Also, when you build your own sensors are you printing cases based on client specs or building your own?


(Osbex) #28

I’m working on a very similar case. What kind of sensors are you using?

(Antony Fry) #29

Thx @Borroz @osbex @andrewl I have spoken to the chief brewer yet and I will wait to hear from him before fixing on a particular sensor(s). I probably won’t be able to do anything until I’ve spoken to him.


No problem. I sent you my detail for when you get back.


(Osbex) #31

Ok. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:

(Sönke Brix) #32

Hi there,
did anyone made some further experiences with this all inclusive node or even with the heart of this tiny box - the sx1276 / STM32 combination?

(Osbex) #33

I got a couple of Heltec boards ( the other day. Will try it out and build some prototypes. Haven’t been able to connect to the board yet (communication error) but once it works I will try to put something together.

(Sönke Brix) #34

Looks very promising …


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