[solved] RAK7243 as TTN GW and Dragino LoRaPI Hat as node - troubles

Hi all,
Could you please clarify for me my wrong steps?

  1. I use RAK7243 as LoRa GW for TTN.
  1. Another Raspberry with DraginoRpi Hat is used as node:

As the result:
At node console window i see that some lora packets are sending but on the TTN console I see that my device has status ‘never seen’.TTN1 TTN2

is your gateway visible in your TTN console as connected

Yes, my RAK gateway is visible at TTN server TTN3

Make sure that your node channels are the same as your gateway channels

Hi, BoRRoZ,
Thanks for your advise! You was absolutely right!
The info about channels plan was different in global-config.json at RAK GW and /lmic-pi/lmic/localbase.h file at Dragino PRI Hat node. After correction all work fine - I see the test payload content from note at TTN console.
Thanks a lot! BR,