Sometimes wrong GPS coordinates


I have a Dragino LGT-92 and configured as ABP with Cayenne LLP.
I receive data, but the most of the time the GPS-coordinates are wrong.
Cayenne gives me “104.8575,104.8575” as coordinates - see also screenshot (right column “Values”; you might have to open the screenshot).
These coordinates are wrong - normally it should be something like this “,”.

What am I doing wrong?



Are you sure the correct GPS co-ordinates are bieng sent from the node?

How can I find out if the GPS co-ordinates are bieng sent from the node?

Look at the raw data being received from the device on the TTN console and decode it manually.

Maybe looking at the application console. However, how did you set the tracker for using Cayenne LPP? Likely the mistake is there.

Do I have to set the tracker for cayenne payload format (via putty)?

Or do you mean setting the payload format in the application console of TTN?