SURVEY - LoRaWAN development and testing


I’m doing master theseis survey about LoRaWAN development and testing. Idea is to get information, experiences and habits from people who built LoRaWAN and TTN network. About their tools and practices in development. We have small community of 6 TTN gateways here in Split Croatia, so I would like to include people from all over the world to get more objective data for master thesis.

You will complete the survey anonymously and if you want to get results - please fill in email at the end (but don’t if you don’t want)!

I will be thankful if you fill this survey. It will take you just couple of minutes and it means to me a lot! :smile:
Thanks :grin:

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Hi @slaven96, I have just completed the survey. Once the thesis is complete please post a link on this thread so that anyone can read it. Thanks.


@cultsdotelecomatgmai I will! I hope there will be more people who will invest 2 minutes of their time to have more objective informations :smiley:

@slaven96 completed share the thesis when complete :slight_smile: