Syntax for the cli to increase size to more then 4096 Bytes for the default uplink payload formatter

I need help to expand the size for the default uplink payload formatter. Default is the size 4096 Bytes. What is the syntax for the cli to expand this fort more the 4KB?

There isn’t one.

But you can use the CLI to upload up to 16KB of JavaScript.

Which you really shouldn’t do. There is an excellent reason for the 4K limit. Don’t try to circumvent it. If you need > 4K code it should not be run at the community network where the CPU cycles are shared between all users. Run the decoder at the place where you process your data in stead.

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Or share your formatter here and we can see how we might be able to put it on a diet.

Or use a decoder in your application.

Where are you consuming the data? Node-red, Influxdb, Grafana.