The LIBRARY basement part 4

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COLLOS hands on AMSTERDAM April 10 Meetup

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The high-end nRF52840 SoC, based on Nordic’s proven nRF52 Series architecture, is the first single-chip solution to bring all the benefits of Bluetooth 5 to the market. The key advantages of Bluetooth 5 compared with previous implementations of the Bluetooth LE specification include: 2x on-air raw data bandwidth (2Mbps); 4x range; 8x broadcasting ability with advertising extensions that increase the advertising packet payload size to 251 bytes, and an improved channel coexistence algorithm.

A bit weird these days to install Hypriot to get Docker, while Docker installs itself out of the box on Raspbian…
(Moeilijk gaat ook…)
For the ones who want to play with Docker, i have a fork of Jac/JP environment which works equally well on straight Docker or with multiple containers (It is still WIP, but it is what I am running on my 2 gateways, one raspbian/Docker, the other – RPi3 only as Resin multi-container is only supported on RPi3…

. LoRa IoT Module , Frequency: 863-928MHz ISM Band, SX1276
‧ Frequency: 863~928 MHz ISM Band
‧ Interface: UART, SPI, I2C, USB,ADC
‧ MCU: STM32L073xZ ARM Coretex-M0+32-bit
‧ Chipset: Semtech SX1276
‧ Ultra-high sensitive receiving ability by LoRa spread spectrum modulation technology
‧ Maximal output power100mW(20dBm)
‧ Embedded memories (up to 192k bytes of Flash memory and 20k bytes of RAM)
‧ 3 x UART



CONGRATS ! Best ecosystem award at CIO dinnershow 2018

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Drone Mapping for LoRa

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Building your own private LoRa network

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