The Noah Intelligent Platform for Flood Monitoring

On March 25, Startup Noah installed the prototype of a SENSOR that has the ability to accurately monitor the level of flooding, ambient temperature and the moment a rain starts.

It is installed in the neighborhood of Catete which is a region that has a long history of flooding since the time of the ball poles.

Below is how the Noah Intelligent Platform for Flood Monitoring should work.

1 - Sensors installed at the top of the poles continuously measure the level of the water column, temperature and the moment the rain starts and identifies and alerts when the level of flooding changes.

2 - Each sensor is connected to an embedded board, placed at the top of the pole at an approximate height of 7 meters in height.

3 - The boards communicate with a base station using low power wireless technology and long distance “LoRa” communication. The maximum distance of up to 5 km.

4 - The data are sent through the LoRa Transmission Stations and are converted to the IP network layer and transmitted to a data cloud, where forecasts are made and generated flood level alerts for the Rio de Janeiro Operations Center and the population.

These data serve to assist the decision-making process for the Operations Center and feed the population on flooded regions and possible displacement routes.

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this system uses TTN ?

Hi BoRRoZ, Is that okay? Yes this sensor can be used in the TTN or in a Private LoRa Network. It is a prototype and has now been installed for testing and possible fixes. As I said in other posts I work in a university that is a PUC Rio and here we have a lorawan network for the campus that was implemented and is maintained by me and here our gateway is connected to TTN. That is all the development of this sensor was over the TTN network. Today at the place where it is installed that is another Neighborhood far from here unfortunately does not have a TTN network available and we are using the Americam Tower network that has coverage throughout Rio de Janeiro.

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no problem, legal , I was curious :sunglasses:

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Great project. :slight_smile:
Thanks for sharing.

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BaRRoz Ask whatever you want!! I will respond with pleasure.


Whose ultrasonic sensors are you using? Do you get false positive reflections from the pole? How often do you sample?

I’m using MAXBOTIX sensors.

Agent gets everything and makes a filter on the data.


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