The NOT CONNECTED / NOT SEEN in console CENTRAL topic part 1

I have resolved this issue in the following manner:

  1. registered a new gateway in TTN console
  2. execute “sh” on the MultiTech
  3. answer yes to the “new configuration” question
  4. enter details of new gateway registration

The gateway showed up as registered in TTN console within 60 seconds.


Same problem gateway status not connected but i can receive data from my sensor

that’s not very informative
please specify your gateway type and region / router asia-se ?

Yup ttn-router-asia-se, Last Seen

15 days ago

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I wonder if the NOT CONNECTED issue is related to this known issue ?


The 4 GWs still appears as “not connected”.

We are using Rak 831 pointing on

The GWs are placed in Da Nang City, Vietnam.



I’m having similar issues with my Multitech Conduit gateways, as they are all ‘disconnected’.
After reconfiguring multiple times and trying different AEP firmware versions, I got one to forward the data to TTN, even though it was still listed as offline. However, it has stopped working altogether since last week again.

I’m in Eindhoven, Netherlands and using the ttn-router-eu.

Good news thank you ttn team, My gateway is connected now

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The problem is solved also for Da Nang GWs,

Thanks to TTN team


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About 4 hrs ago both my gateways au-2641-0001 and au-3690-0002 are suffering the NOT-CONNECTED problem.
Gateways are MultiTech Conduit V1.4.17, one installed installed last week the other a month ago, showed up on the map until 2018-09-26T20:00 UTC (06:00 local time)
Now the console says last seen at xxxx and the map symbol has gone red.
Handler is ttn-router-asia-se for both.

As with all other cases listed in this topic packets are coming through the gateway and the gateway is doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

We have four gateways in our community, two have the old style eui-00800000a000xxxx ID and two have the new freely definable ID. The gateways with the eui ID style are still showing as connected - could there be a connection between gateway ID and the NOT CONNECTED issue?

I have changed one of the gateways to use the eu handler and it’s status immediately went “connected”.

Any comment on this issue from the TTN team would be appreciated.

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The problem coming again my gw last connected 6 hours ago, but only status problem, all data from sensor still coming, i hope ttn team can resolve this problem immediately

@susiloharjo This problem appears to be related to the asia-se router. I would be interested to know if your gateway starts working again when you configure it to run on the eu router, that’s what fixed my gateway.


i have established a single channel gateway using, raspberry Pi and dragino lora shield .IT was working 0ne month ago and it was showing the status connected at that time .But due to some issues it was shut down for one month and after that i restarted the gateway but the status is continuously showing not connected even if the packets had been received and seen on the terminal window.So whats the issue and how could the status be made again active

The NOT CONNECTED problem is related to particular router, for me it’s asia-se which is causing the problem. I have now changed my gateways to the eu router and the problem is fixed.

I’m not sure of the implications (apart from latency) when I connect to the eu router from Australia, but it seems to be the only solution available at this point in time.

Not sure but does the choice of router also determine the frequency mapping? Esp wrt RX2 DL choice etc.? I’m in EU so eu router is default for me and cant check…assume you overide any router determined choice through Global or Local JSON file amendments? doubt someone on the Forum will chip in and correct/confirm as appropriate :wink: Good luck!

Same here.
My gateway is registered to asia-se router and it keeps going ‘offline’ and it says gateway isnt connected. However, i can still see my devices reporting and data IS routed to TTN!
TTN’s packet forwarder runs as well (rebooting it doesnt help).
Only way i know how to fix it - change router (re-register say to eu, run, re-register back to asia-se and run again - comes online right away! Still goes back to ‘not connected’ state within few hours).

Anyone from Core Team wants to take a look at the router and see what the go is? Seems like common issue on asia-se router…???

PS: Gateway ID: eui-00800000a0002c8a, registerred to asia-se router. Data is coming from sensors - gateway ‘not connected’.

Hello there,

The problem has arrived one month ago, then disappeared, but now just come back.

Our 2 gateways (rak831 with Raspberry Pi 3) can still receive and send data, but their status on TTN is “not connected”.

Someone may have any explanation and suggestion ?

Thank you in advance.

Quoc-Huy LE

just relax I think… I’m sure that they noticed in the OPS center
my TTN gateway ( status is connected and working, but no data is shown under the gateway data tab

eui-b827ebfffe5231fd, connected to “digitalcatapult-uk-router” is also shown as disconnected, but its still forwarding application data.