The RAK 811 V 2.0 tracker module



The LIBRARY basement part 6





excited to announce a software platform, RUI, which has supported RAK8211-G, RAK8211-NB, RAK8212, and RAK8212-M now. _
Next step. RUI will support all RAKwireless itracker modules which use #Nordic MCU.
In the future, RUI will support more MCU and sensors.



RAK launch the Beta with WisTrio LoRa Tracker Module , interested candidates are welcome to apply:




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(Jezd) #14

Lots of detailed info here, schematics etc, interesting to see whats changed re the v1.0 boards too, connection of the sleep pin on the GPS for example


you can still apply as beta tester :wink:

(Jezd) #16

Now available to order…

Hope they do a sensor only version, minus gps



(Jeff Uk) #18

Agree with that sentiment - I used the original in both forms. Just waiting on Beta units of Gen2 for rebuild & test. Problem is I developed custom housing for Gen 1 and with the new connector layout its bigger and changes pin out locations and where the LoRa Ant was nearer center line for Gen1 with GPS at corner (not always used) now its the other way around with GPS near center line and LoRa at corner - meaning mechanically and aesthetically the housing just looks ‘wrong’ for the sensor only use case (came out of top center of part hemispherical top piece but now has to be offset :frowning: ). Once beta units in hand will spin a revised 3D printed housing and will share here if end client allows…(bd gets packaged up with 900 or 1200mAhr LiPo)

(Jezd) #19

I’m not sure its fully 96boards iot board compliant either, SPI is not available on the header and GPIO pins have been limited - I’m not sure why they didn’t lean on the 96boards spec fully and then expand it via the header with GPS/sensors etc



(Kenyu) #21

Do you think we should build some waterproof DIY box for this boards? Seems many Beta like the GPS module can work in low power GPS mode


ridgid and with a battery compartment… would be nice :sunglasses:

(Kenyu) #23

how about solar charger as well to be supported?


main use case will be tracking of let’s say expensive equipment/containers/pallets ect.

for those use cases it’s normal to hide the tracker… and a hidden tracker won’\t catch much Sun imho.
but you could think of different model enclosures:

  • basic one with battery compartment

  • extended one with build in display+some buttons (alarm/store location ) so it’s also usable as location tracker/waypoint marker/clock/height/temp/alarm device for a user … ridgid model with an extra rubber outline

  • a solar version

(Kenyu) #25

Thanks, I will think about this:)

(Jeff Uk) #26

The problem with a watertight/weather proof box of course is that the env sensors then become largely redundant/ineffective! :wink:

(Kenyu) #27

All the lines which connects to header come from RAK811 Module. But RAK811 Module has no SPI and limited GPIO pins. GPS connects to RAK811 Module by UART3 and sensors connect to RAK811 Module by I2C. The I2C bus connected to header is for extnal expand.