The RAK 811 V 2.0 tracker module

(Kenyu) #28

wistrio%20box here is the package we will provide soon come with Wistrio LoRa Tracker boards

(Xz81) #29

wow. Soon?. Any expected date to be avalaible?. It looks great and would be perfect for my project.

(Radec) #30

Yes, interreting the new package. It’s similar concept same SodaqOne with a solar panel.

I read in the documentation, WisTrio has two ports for IPEX connectors LoRa and GPS. But I see only one hardware version with only SMA connectors.

(Xz81) #31

I also noticed about the connectors. Let’s see if someone can provide information. I think that the boxed version should be provided with IPEX or internal antennas



(Oyvindes) #33

Wanna share the link? :smiley:


(Jeff Uk) #35

Temp delete to fact check

update: Ignore my earlier rant just checked and realised mixed € & $ and variance is largely due to exchange rate shifts!

…why or why cant the world just standardize on £GBP :rofl::sunglasses:

(Jac Kersing) #36

Because you lot don’t want to be part of ‘our community’ (==EU) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so we need our own currency. :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #37


some do some dont…we’re neither of the two of us part of USoA but bet we both end up spending $US at times! …suspect some over here might have been more favourably inclined if you guys had decided to use the £ rather than create a new currency with in built stresses & strains :wink: teh hee…but lets leave there as we might get trolls joining (from either side) and best not polute the forum with geo-politics…I have enough of a problem getting head round LoRa at times! :smile:

(Jac Kersing) #38

As long as we’re able to share knowledge on the forum it’s not all bad :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #39

For now the only ‘community’ that counts, right! :wink:



(Jezd) #42

anyone heard if they are on the beta?