The reponse of MAC commnad "TxParamSetipAns

Hi TTN team:

I am allen, from moko, which attended the 2021 the things conference and will attend the 2022 things conference.

There are some problem on MAC command with our device.

Every time the device join in the network, and after device sent the 1st payload, TTN server will send a donwlink command including “LinkADR”“DevStatus”“TxParamSetup”.

After downlink command sent from server, our device will give a reponse paylaod for the mac command. Then, the server should downlink a message for this response payload as the mac command contains “TxParamSetup”, so that device knows that the reponse payload was receiverd by server. But our device didn’t receive this meassage from server, so it keeps send reponse payload, device cann’t work well.

By comparing the previous test data, we found that the mac command now contains “TxParamSetup” in lastest test.

Could i know why server didn’t send the message for response payload?