The Things Conference 2019 - AMSTERDAM



Exciting announcement!

Everyone joining The Things Conference gets free access to the @LoRaWANAcademy, an online course about the fundamentals of #LoRaWAN.

Get your ticket this month and start the course early November.




All who got a conference ticket already, or who will buy one this week can start with the LoRaWAN Academy on Monday November 12th.

(Kater) #24

Very interesting. I already have a ticket and got several announcements about the course, but no link or further info. Did I miss something or do I just have to wait for Monday?



Maybee also a idee to have a market where we can buy part’s, node or gateways. for nice price’s.



Meet the LoRaWAN Academy teachers.

Johan Stokking
Laurens Slats
Maarten Weyn
Thomas Telkamp




see you in Amsterdam ?



Would love to see a workshop around the new exciting Microchip SAM R34/35 series.
And off course a steep discount for participants / TTN’ers on the dev boards !! :sunglasses:

(Remko) #31

Yes sir!


The Things Conference Program

Workshops :

LoRaWAN Certification
LoRaWAN Getting Started
Antenna Design
RaspberryPi + LoRaWAN
MicroPhython + LoRaWAN
Site Surveys

Exclusive Workshops :

Low power performance
Firmware Updates Over LoRaWAN
Integrate with Google Cloud Platform
Integrate with Azure IoT
Integrate with AWS IoT
Radio Planning
Your Private LoRaWAN Network Server in 5 min
Choose your Deployment Strategy
Build your own Gateway
Deploy an Offline Network Server
Hardware Secure Modules in action
Dual Band Provisioning with BLE
LoRaWAN geolocation
WorkshopBuild a tracking node