The Things Conference 2019 - AMSTERDAM



Exciting announcement!

Everyone joining The Things Conference gets free access to the @LoRaWANAcademy, an online course about the fundamentals of #LoRaWAN.

Get your ticket this month and start the course early November.




All who got a conference ticket already, or who will buy one this week can start with the LoRaWAN Academy on Monday November 12th.

(Kater) #24

Very interesting. I already have a ticket and got several announcements about the course, but no link or further info. Did I miss something or do I just have to wait for Monday?



Maybee also a idee to have a market where we can buy part’s, node or gateways. for nice price’s.



Meet the LoRaWAN Academy teachers.

Johan Stokking
Laurens Slats
Maarten Weyn
Thomas Telkamp




see you in Amsterdam ?



Would love to see a workshop around the new exciting Microchip SAM R34/35 series.
And off course a steep discount for participants / TTN’ers on the dev boards !! :sunglasses:

(Remko) #31

Yes sir!


The Things Conference Program

Workshops :

LoRaWAN Certification
LoRaWAN Getting Started
Antenna Design
RaspberryPi + LoRaWAN
MicroPhython + LoRaWAN
Site Surveys

Exclusive Workshops :

Low power performance
Firmware Updates Over LoRaWAN
Integrate with Google Cloud Platform
Integrate with Azure IoT
Integrate with AWS IoT
Radio Planning
Your Private LoRaWAN Network Server in 5 min
Choose your Deployment Strategy
Build your own Gateway
Deploy an Offline Network Server
Hardware Secure Modules in action
Dual Band Provisioning with BLE
LoRaWAN geolocation
WorkshopBuild a tracking node

The LIBRARY basement part 7




(Kenyu) #37

We (RAK WIreless) also will be there to introduce some new interesting products for LoraWan:) Our COO Kinson will be there.

(Dmiles) #40

I tried to create an account on LoRaWanAcademy using the link provided and I get and error on their web page saying my email is invalid. Also how do I register my coworker for the conference? I have two tickets in my name and had no way to enter his info.

(Laurens Slats) #42

@dmiles did you already share all details of the person you’re bringing to The Things Conference with Sharan (via the mail

If so, your colleague will receive its login details to the LoRaWAN Academy early December.





Besides the 60+ keynotes , The Things Conference hosts over 50 workshops over the course of 2 days.

A wide variety of topics will be covered. From Commercializing your IoT business to Integrating with Microsoft Azure . From Remote Gateway Monitoring to LoRaWAN Radio Planning . From LoRaWAN Certification to Antenna Design .

  • link for workshop reservations will follow, Registrations will open ±2 weeks prior to the conference.

Confirmed workshops at The Things Conference 2019 :

Boosting LoRaWAN security - crypto chips in action - Microchip
Deploy your offline, private LoRaWAN Network Server - AAEON
BLE and LoRaWAN - the perfect application combination - Laird
Remotely monitoring and updating your gateway - Pi Supply & Belena
How to distinguish and build outdoor and carrier-grade gateways - Tektelic
Commercializing your IoT business - myDevices
Integration The Things Network with Microsoft Azure - Microsoft
Design the ideal device antenna - Ideetron
Python and LoRaWAN: from “Hello World” to professional IoT applications - Zerynth
Make your city smarter with FIWARE, ST and The Things Network - Atos
LoRaWAN and Google Cloud Platform - Google Cloud
Build your prototype with the Bosch XDK node - Bosch
LoRaWAN 101 - Stackforce
Low-cost antenna measurement - University Côte d’Azur
Bridging The Things Network with AWS - Amazon Web Services
LoRaWAN Radio Planning - Simulating your network deployment - The Things Network Apeldoorn
LoRaWAN Academy expert sessions - Microchip
Disrupt any business with TTN, Google Sheet and Zapier - Skiply
LoRaWAN Certification - IMST
Prolonging your device’s battery life - Qoitech
Setup your private LoRaWAN Network in 5 min - The Things Industries

(Tony Smith) #45

Since I will be one of the 96.5% of Registered TTN Developers who won’t be attending the conference, it would be great if there was an option of a Virtual Attendance. I would happily to subscribe to a real time video stream of presentations and workshops particularly if I can interact and submit questions. The shortest travel time from Australia is a 17 hour non-stop flight, a bit of a barrier to attending the conference for a day or two :dizzy_face:

The LIBRARY basement part 7

for sure all the conference speakers will be recorded like last year and the video’s will be available.

(Tony Smith) #47

Workshops as well? In real time?