The Things Conference - call for speakers and workshops


For The Things Conference we already got 650 sign ups for early bird tickets and quiet some interesting confirmed speakers already. But for the main day (2 February) we are looking for objective in-depth technical talks. The inventor of LoRa is going to give a keynote on the future of LoRa, we got a academic that will give his perspective on LoRaWAN and share his research, and many more to be announced soon.

We are still looking for experts that can share a great story on the following.

  • Security and in specific the hardware security solutions that are on the market, like secure elements.
  • Modules, an overview of the different modules on the market. A speaker that has real experience with a few of them. Not just comparing specs.
  • Integration, we are looking for somebody that is able to give an objective overview of the IoT platforms out there and specifically if they suit LoRaWAN. Also real experience talks are effectively the only interesting.
  • Somebody that can talk about moving beyond the POC phase and scaling to a large deployments. Is there life after a POC in LoRaWAN is a big question that lots of developers have now a days.
  • Long range - a in depth talk on how to optimise for long range connectivity.

We are also looking for people that can give interesting workshops. Workshops that address something specific that is relevant for LoRaWAN development. We already have secure element and ultra low power workshops confirmed. But maybe optimising for long range or antenna workshop.

Would love to hear if you have suggestions. Post below or sent me a dm or mail me (wienke at

(Hylke Visser) #2