The Things Network V2 is Permanently Shutting Down (completed)

There are a number of reasons why migrating to v3 has not happened (physical access, lost passwords, firmware, forgotten gateway, don´t care, death, lost interest ++), that is not my point. We are talking about over 50% almost 8500 active gateways still on v2 and that will no longer function in less than 50 days.

I propose we try finding out why we are about to half this thing thousands of people have been a part of building the last 5 years. Thinking this is a pretty important and fundamental question to answer for the future of our network.


Pretty blunt stated.

I suspect that above statement is probably more a case of “we will treat … as …”
than “we assume that …”.

Neither version are very palatable - people being people I think we’ll expect a flurry of activity rising to a crescendo over the coming days.

After the 1st Dec I can see that all bets will be off - but if someone has a plan that means they move all the gateways in the second half of Nov because they are still moving devices, let’s not make their life worse!

“If a server goes down because of a hardware failure or something, it may stay down”

We have a Gateway registered in V2 that was turned off for a short time 3 days ago. Now its power supply is restored but it doesn’t seem to be connected with the TTN anymore. I suppose this is an expected behavior due to the blackouts of V2 infrastructure right?

The migration is indeed not going as fast as we’d hoped, but we’re definitely not just going to abandon thousands of forgotten gateways on December 1st.

All of these gateways are now connected to fresh V3 Gateway Servers that run behind the IP addresses of the old V2 routers. We’ll try to keep these IP addresses around for some (limited) time after the December 1 sunset of V2 servers these gateways should keep forwarding traffic to Packet Broker. You should still migrate your gateways before December 1st though.

No, we haven’t planned any blackouts yet, and these blackouts would only apply to V2 end device traffic (MQTT and integrations). We don’t want to take gateways offline. It’s possible that your gateway is connected, but that you just can’t see the gateway status in V2.


An excellent compromise, having blackouts on gateways was a bit full on but integration only blackouts seem a good way to get the attention of the application (and by implication, gateway) owners without dropping uplinks for those that have migrated but need some v2 gateway coverage.

Would it be possible to automagically turn on Data Storage and set it for a few more days than normal? That way those that do notice can at least be given the chance to retrieve the data they didn’t get.

Or are the blackouts after 1st Dec?


It would just break my heart if The Things Network is reduced because of this migration.

I could be interesting to do a poll on why the migration is not going as fast as intended, or maybe you have some insight to share with the community.

Maybe a simple poll like “Why have you not migrated your gateways and devices?”

  • Do I have a TTN gateway?
  • I have lost interest in the TTN project
  • Lost my gateway password
  • I can not physically access my gateway at the moment
  • My gateway does not support v3
  • Making my gateways private or moved them to TTI
  • Helium is better
  • NB-IoT, Sigfox, LTE-M or “Insert technology here” suits my needs better
  • We now have a commercial LoRaWan operator in my area
  • I want to wait until 30 Nov at 23.59, just more interesting that way
  • I think TTN has become a toy or a sales too for the things industry and I am no longer interested in contributing

I think the answers could be interesting both for the future of the network, but also if there is anything the community can do to to help our sisters and brothers to migrate their stuff.


I have a device and a gateway in V2.
Tha data was not sent in V2 (data section is disabled, in V2 console )

So previous week I’ve tried to migrate this device to V3, leaving the gateway in V2, I received the data in the v3 application console and also on the Mqtt broker.

Now I’m back ti check this data and I’ve noticed that that it no longer arrives on the console or on the mqtt broker.

What happened ? Was there any change ?

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Hello again,
we have a large number of nodes & gateways that are connected to the network and it is very likely that we will not be able to move them all to theV3 till December 1.

We will manage to shift almost 40%-50% of them. My question is if there is a problem to transfer the other halves a little later. We do not care that in the meantime they will not work. We just want to know if the migration will be possible after December 1.

Thank you in advance

Migration is not available after December 1st if you want to use the migration tool. That tool requires access to the services that will be shut down at December 1st.

Thank you for your response!
If I use the tool and export the needed file “devices.json” before December 1 but import them (and make the needed adjustments) after December 1? Is this going to work?

The exported json contains counter (uplink and downlink) values that will change over time. You might be able to import the data later but there is no guarantee the nodes will work with existing sessions afterwards.

The incident on our status page was just updated with new information. The first post in this topic has been updated accordingly.

Ok, so I have ;
1 Gateway (in a region with no other gateway offering any cover)
3 applications
10 devices.

So in the new v3 setup I would need to go for a paid subscription because I have 3 applications?
I have been running the gateway to help in making sure there is a gateway in my region and thus hlped the TTN network to grow…
I just run some devices for fun, mostly environment sensors, and wanted to keep my knowledge up a bit.
I thought it to be fair I get something back for running the gateway (Official TTN gateway) But only be able to run 1 application breaks my reason for running the gateway.

I understand the direction and the costs involved, but I think here my adventure with TTN is going to end. And I will move to playing with local sensor nodes with direct local connections.
This does mean my gateway will stop running after years of running… And my TTN gateway will end up in the recycle bin.

No, what makes you think that? Just move your kit and applications across to TTS-CE (aka TTN V3)

Who told you only run 1 app? - I know some ‘public’ trial offerings only allow limited use (Loriot with 1 GW comes to mind - poss also the SMTC LoRaServer dev env.?) but no such constraints on TTN - infact the more GW’s you deploy the better! :slight_smile: :tada: Then even with the constrained services you can always set up alternate accounts :man_shrugging: :wink: Note on TTN the only significant constraints are observe the FUP (max 30sec downlink airtime per node per day, max 10 downlinks, dont use a SCPF or DCPF (not a problem in your case…) and GW must be open to all - so do not attempt to block/blacklist other peoples nodes.

No reason for that - crack on and expand activity not stop it! :slight_smile: :rocket:

Ok, if you do walk away just ship it to me! :rofl: I will find a good community use for it

Follow the docs (and use Forum Search top right of page) to migrate your gw - note you need f/w version 1.08 if poss (if online on V2 and updates allowed it should have updated to that anyway, or atleast use 1.07…if not at that level and still connected on V2 just set it to allow updates and it should pull over the network within approx 24hrs. Note no EUI is needed for registering a TTGW (Kickstarter) compared to process for other GW’s… go for it!


So in the new v3 setup I would need to go for a paid subscription because I have 3 applications?

The issue here seems to just be that you’re looking at The Things Stack Cloud offering (which is a commercial platform) instead of The Things Stack Community Edition (which as Jeff pointed out does not need a paid subscription).

You can find the The Things Stack Community Edition at Login with your current TTN user ID and migrate your devices/gateways :+1:


Ah, thanks. Indeed, I just followed the docs and the link pointed to this location on which the only option was pay or get a limited setup.

Ok, will try again. Thanks :slight_smile:

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The first brownout of The Things Network V2 is currently ongoing.

:white_check_mark: Are your applications still working fine? Then congratulations! They will most likely keep working after V2 shuts down permanently on December 1st.

:x: Did your applications just stop working? Then they still rely on V2, and you need to take action ASAP.

MQTT v2 is not accessible via port 11883 as suggested from here.

Any hints?