The Things Network V2 is Permanently Shutting Down (scheduled)

Scheduled: The Things Network V2 is Permanently Shutting Down

This is a cross-post of an incident on our status page. It will be updated automatically.

Impact: Maintenance

Scheduled: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 09:00:00 +0100 until 15:00:00 +0100

Affected Components

  • V2 Cluster Discovery (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 Console (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 Europe (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 United States - West (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 Asia-Southeast (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 Brazil (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2-V2 Cross-Region Traffic Exchange (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational
  • V2 Integrations (Sunset: Dec 2021): Operational


Posted: Mon, 25 Jan 2021 14:00:18 +0100

At The Things Conference we announced that The Things Network V2 would permanently shut down in September 2021. Because of the pandemic, we later extended this date to December 2021 to give the community some more time to migrate to The Things Stack (V3).

Any updates regarding the sunset of The Things Network V2 will be posted in this maintenance announcement.


So V3 will be complete and free of bugs by December 1st?

No it won’t. There is no software/service that performs any non trivial task that is complete for all use cases you can imagine and free of bugs. If there are specific bugs please file issues on github.


In addition to what @kersing already responded:

No it won’t and neither is V2.

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Just a pity we wont have the Xmas holidays for last minute issues and mitigation/migration vs a deadline during day job time! :wink: I and many were hoping Dec meant EOM/EOY! Ah well :man_shrugging:

Update: Damn! Just realised plan was next opportunity for some more remote locations with GW’s and sensors would be just before and during the Xmas break when on way to/from or doing visits around the country …guess stuff will have to go offline for a month or so… :slight_smile:

I’ve had a quick search on here but couldn’t find any mention of this. My device and gateway are working but I can’t see traffic on either. The Data and Traffic buttons are greyed out. Both are still on the V2 console. Should I assume this is as it should be and this is a way of encouraging migration to V3? :slight_smile:

No, you assume wrong. It is not a lever to move people over, impending close down should be enough - it’s been advertised since end January!

The reason they are greyed out is the MQTT components have degraded under some unusual pressures from community members, some who try to have 10+ connections to an app and 50+ from any one IP address. To ensure the integrations work, the console had to be disabled.

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Nick, Thank you. I could see traffic a month or so ago so this must happened fairly recently.

This is for a TTN pico balloon I’m hoping to launch in a week or so depending on weather. I built the payload last year and with the impending closedown of V2 I had better let it escape soon. The important thing is it is working (or did today when the sun showed itself briefly) but not being able to see the data will remove the fun in the mornings as the thing (hopefully) slowly wakes up with the sun. :slight_smile:

I will have a look at V3 in slower time.


Balloon Updates not too frequent I hope so you don’t spam half the GW’s in Europe! :wink: :rofl:

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If it does it probably won’t be for very long. :slight_smile: The last one vanished without trace off North Africa after a brief 3 day cruise. :slightly_frowning_face:
I won’t be charging for stress-testing the network. :rofl: :joy:

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John, I would recommend setting up your program to work with TTNv3. What if your balloon starts circling around the earth, but disappears due to the TTNv2 shutdown? Its better to be optimistic about your balloon’s chances I think :grinning:

Medad, I built the payload last year and it is all sealed up with Kaptan tape. To change it to V3 my understanding is I need to alter the code and access to the programming pins is awkward and risks damaging the fragile solar panels.

If I build anymore they will be V3 of course. :slight_smile:

I tried to find some statistics about the percentage of gateways migrated to V3 already. I conjectured the nodes appear slightly differently in the maps (no hex but alphanumeric id). And judging from that the coverage of V3 would be quite low. Any pointers?

(EDIT: In the meantime I found what I was looking for on the status page, so it seems like 10.1k for v2 vs. 6.3k for v3 as of today)

Is there “one button click” method for migrating from V2 to V3? I just don’t like clicking more than 100 times per device/gateway and copy/pasting for all devices I have in V2 to the V3 console. Is there easy way for batch migration (4 gateways, 12 applications and about 50 end devices) beside three weeks of clicking and copy/pasting ?

Look for the cli migration tool (forum search and ttn/tti documentation…)

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The incident on our status page was just updated with new information. The first post in this topic has been updated accordingly.

The FAQ section in the TTN documentation shows the different deadlines for V2:


What happens December 31 (which I assume is supposed to actually be December 1) is clear, but I am confused with what will happen September 30.

Will modifying AppKey and sending rejoin downlinks to devices in V2 no longer be possible after September 30?

Will devices no longer be able to send and receive data at all in V2 from September 30?

What does the deadline for migrating gateways and devices, September 30, actually mean?

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Thanks for letting us know about the incorrect date on the documentation site. I fixed that.

After September 30 we assume that all gateways and end devices that are on V2 were forgotten by their owner, or that they don’t care about them anymore.

Gateways that are still on V2 will continue forwarding traffic to V3 (through Packet Broker) as they do now. They will also mostly keep forwarding traffic for V2 end devices. End devices that are still on V2 will mostly still be able to send uplinks and receive downlinks. It will also still be possible to modify AppKeys and to delete end devices that you migrated to V3.

However, our operations team will no longer maintain the V2 infrastructure. If a server goes down because of a hardware failure or something, it may stay down. Furthermore, we plan to schedule blackouts of V2 infrastructure, hoping that those who had forgotten about their end devices will notice that they stopped sending data. We will announce these blackouts on our status page (with a cross-post on the forum) when we schedule them.

On December 1 we are going to shut down the remaining V2 servers. And in case it wasn’t clear already: this is a hard deadline that will not be extended.


Wrong, You know what they say about assumptions and to assume - make an ass of u and me! A bit like assuming people who use the Community Network are Hobbyists! :wink:

So does that mean that TTI will have solved the global pandemic by Sept 30? Will you have metricated the working day to allow 100hrs per 10 day week so it can all be done… or perhaps more simply and in TTI’s control will you guys have e.g. figured out a way to allow owners of TTIG’s to claim remote units where they dont have access to view the WiFi code etc. </Invoke your favoured deity here> We DO Care!

P l e a s e be very carefull eating your lunch or where you put that coffee! :rofl:

Poor choice - screw everyone, even those aware and dilgently working through the task - I was able to migrate my 1st Laird GW just yesterday! (Many to go) - to give a prompt to a few, some of whom may have moved on and no longer active/contributing to the Community?..NOT a good impression for TTI/TTN to give the world.