The Things Uno usb problem

(André van der Wiel) #1

I recieved two The Things Uno’s. Installed Arduino IDE (Mac), connect Uno with USB cable.
Board “Arduino Leonardo”.
With one Uno the IDE can find the USBmodem device but not with the other Uno.
Also the RX led is not working on that Uno (it did at first).
I did try reset, restart IDE but problem still there.
Is this a defect Uno?

Things Uno beta: tty-problems


Any chance you get a multi meter around ? :smile:
If so check your the voltage on the Rx, and at different connection point.
You should have a 3.3 or 5.0 V result.


(André van der Wiel) #3

I have 5.0V on both Uno’s.


So the hardware seems to work properly, did you miss a step during the configuration ?

(André van der Wiel) #5

Maybe I check the wrong connection points (not an expert at that). I dont think I missed a step during configuration. Both Uno’s out of the box. Upload a sketch or trying to won’t hurt I suppose.


Give it a try and let me know :smile:

(André van der Wiel) #7

I did try upload but then I get an error.
Arduino IDE only shows /dev/cu.BlueTooth-Incoming-Port
When I connect the other Uno the I see also /dev/cu.usbmodem621 (Arduino Leonardo)


Might be related to this?

(John Tillema) #9

HI @Awiel that sounds weird.Can you try it onto a different PC or MAC?

(André van der Wiel) #10

same on MacMini and MacBook Pro.

(André van der Wiel) #11

Windows PC connects one UNO, the problem UNO says no usb device. My conclusion a hardware defect.

(John Tillema) #12

Hi @Awiel can you email me (i think you already have my address) or leave me a DM with your contacts? Let’s arrange a swap, we want to check yours over here and see what went wrong.