The WORKBENCH part 1

maybe… @ the moment they are on a local nas and in the cloud, didn’t researched a lot last weeks but yeah, maybe google is an idea too tnx


new e paper portable test rig next to the ‘old’ one :sunglasses:



these e paper displays are a perfect match for let’s say a temperature node.
they don’t use any energy so the last measurement transmitted stays on the screen after you disconnect the power (gpio off) and the processor goes to sleep.
the display flashing during write (always full screen and can take up 1 to 5 sec!) is no problem when refreshing a few times per hour .

problems arise when you try to partial write (then you don’t have that flashing) something (updating a value) the screen looks then like its is in a snowstorm, gone is the beautifull white background.
@ the moment I’m trying to make a menu with a rotary… menu’s are 99.9% of the time static so theoretically a good candidate for epaper , if you don’t turn a knob or a switch it uses no energy.


Portable you say?

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ghostbusters ?

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No hunting for rogue LoRaWAN nodes

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LoRaWAN (KPN) waterlevel monitor OASEN Ridderkerk NL

I found a few… :sunglasses:

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Taking a small break from the TTN shenanigans. Tnx @BoRRoZ for the screen :slight_smile:


very nice :sunglasses:

Very nice

Hello All

Im from Jakarta, Indonesia
So much insteresting topic, thank you all for sharing, so many interesting ideas


what filament do you use? it is wheather shield?

Where i can buy this module?



Hi Charles, these tyraps will get ‘brittle’ after a while and break (been there :sunglasses: )
To be safe fit new ones once a year


Whatever it does, it at least looks interesting. :grinning:
(even spotted a STM32 bluepill)

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bluepills makes many people happy :wink:
and you can connect an e paper display to it

connecting an 8 position pole switch to I2C with the help of
PCF8574 (8 position) or MCP23017 ( 2 x 8 position)

MCP23017 :

PCF8574 :


my virtual design is almost done… just a couple of weeks more

So I am looking for a small board to battery-power my nodes.
Perhaps this will do:
Previously tried this one:
But that has no discharge protection and as a result over-drains the battery.
Any other suggestions?

there exist also 'protected ’ 18650 battery’s, they have a build in protection circuit.

but think of this… when you drain the battery without protection, the MCU brownout will normally shut down the circuit :wink:
also I don’t trust these ‘protection’ circuits from the cheap dc/dc boards… 9 out of 10 don’t work as they advertise.
what you can do is measure (once a day ?) just after Tx the voltage of the battery and send an alarm byte when it’s getting to low.

Most of these ‘protected’ batteries and circuits can let the battery go as low as 2.4V.

I am not convinced its a good idea to let a Lithium battery repeatadly go this low …