The WORKBENCH part 1


Rick Astley, get out that device


did you get it to work ? lmic / spi ?

(Danny Engelman) #405


I noted it at The TTN Conference as well, many ‘oldies’ in this IoT business
a contrast with the regular Amsterdam Meetup scene


Indeed … no age discrimination at The Things Network ! :metal:


God, you guys are making me feel old. Nascom 2, 1981. 300 baud ex-British Telecom modem… Those were the days…

(Danny Engelman) #408

ahh… 1981 … My first IoT project
I hooked up my lights and radio to the VIC20, and ditched my alarm clock :slight_smile:
(truth to be said; I did not built the Hardware for it; I was Software, I am Software)


1981… we started our first company :sunglasses:


I did not have time yet, I was working on a simple peer-to-peer app to test different antennas with different nodes on their rssi and snr values.

I hope to start with the new stuff in a few weeks. :sunglasses:

(Gry Kyo) #411

I feel a little better now…:older_adult:

(Gry Kyo) #412

How about a Sinclair ZX81? Not sure what ever happened to our Spectrum, it was a new era of computing by comparison! I remember saving basic programs from the ZX81 to cassette tapes on my little brother’s tape player. Sibling rivalries sometimes meant exchange of currency to save a full day of finger numbing membrane keyboard entry!


My first one

And frustration began immediately, my father’s TV hadn’t a SCART connexion :joy::joy:


nice to see all those ‘old’ computers you young guys worked/played with :sunglasses:


I had one of those. you made them?


yes :sunglasses: (me and 2 partners)

(Kai Hofmann) #417

Yeah C64 rulez, I had one of those too :wink:

(Marco) #418

@cle Can i ask how you mounted the antenna connector on the left one? Is it directly to the board or just laying there connected with wires?


The SMA connector is soldered onto the Perma-Proto board. Connected to GND and the center pin to the RFM95 (ANT) with a short wire.


wow… bought a win 10 pro key for €3,55 on eBay
thinking it is a scam, but he, within a few minutes got a mail with the key
and instructions to download w10
called someone who knows a lot about licensing and stuff… he says its legit.

now… only problem is I don’t have a spare computer to test this key :sunglasses:

  • found one … here we go


  • update :slight_smile:

the first key didn’t work, I mailed and within the hour I received another one and …

€3,55 … should be in the bargain basement :rofl:

The BIG and SMALL ANTENNA topic part 1
(Marco) #421

@cle Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


you can buy these adafruit protoboards here

(one of my favorite nl online shops… yes spam :slight_smile: )