The WORKBENCH part 1

(Remko) #585

Old school method but still fun to do #satisfying.


indeed old school… (but still nice) I made pcb’s thay way in the last century to


RAK vs TTN :sunglasses:

… and bricked (I shouldn’t update the MPLAB IDE) :sob:

so I need another programmer to unbrick my programmer :crazy_face:

ordered the new picket 4 … hope the gateway still works :scream:

(Remko) #588

And the result: Another TTN Mapper Tracker:

(Duineuk) #589

Not too many people are on the 3D Printing thread, so please indulge me if I also share here the Gateway I’ve been building:


what about a led IN the letter O from LoRaWAN :wink:

don’t post to many of these nice DIY pictures… 'I really don’t need a 3d printer - repeat loud ’ I really don’t need a 3d printer :rofl:

(Duineuk) #591

See, you have a natural flair for design… you should get a printer :wink:

(Jeff Uk) #592

Real flair would be Led’s for the the three curved strips above and below animated to ‘radiate/ripple out’ - though may get irritating after a time!

But @BoRRoZ should still bite the bullet…he knows he wants to!


let’s try this sdcard …


haha. was thinking the same but caved in and ordered one yesterday.

(Duineuk) #595

My work here is done :laughing:

(Gry Kyo) #596

I should really…
UPS man delivered my new Raspberry Pi Model 3B+ which I am browsing this very thread and replying to this very post with right now, but on an 8GB SD card I dug out of a storage box and just suspect caused me stress on a previous project???
Good price for a premium spec card!


You do need one now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Amedee) #598

Even cheaper on Amazon :wink:

Note however that the Samsumg Evo+ are faster and cheaper – see this

For an SD card, 16GB is more than enough – I would be happy with 8GB but you don’t find these anymore (in the same performance class)

For 20€ you can have a WD PiDrive, which has much more disk space and is much more reliable than SD cards…


really. ? so you know about my use case ? somebody in my team is leaking business secrets :sweat_smile:

(Amedee) #600


I was speaking for myself of course…

I have quite a lot of Pi’s in the wild, and I am not trusting too much these SD-cards. All these Pi’s are either using a small SD-cards, or for bigger projects I go for hard disks (spinning or SSD) or for home projects I do network boot. Which is why I do not really consider bigger SD-cards.

(And I am not using SD-cards for anything else than my RPis :wink: )


I was joking… I understand your point. :wink:

I just needed a new and faster SD card and this one was available, delivery next day for a good price… and indeed you can’t buy fast SD cards smaller then 16 gb.

I allready tested aSSD connected to RPI, works great but boot is very slow… unbelievable that the new RPI3 + still doesn’t have sata

(Amedee) #602

At the last FOSDEM conference I saw the latest PINE64 boards with the PINE H64 – these are pretty cool!


made a program error , my temperature alarm node doesn’t work with negative numbers.
this morning I had to run to save the life of my olive trees :wink:


Not yet…